Unlocking the potential of WebAR — how augmented and virtual realities may change the web design industry and who will benefit from the implementation of these technologies.

Augmented Reality Concept

Augmented reality has become increasingly popular and now almost everyone is aware of its features and benefits. The term “AR” dates back to the early 1990s. Then airline pilots used it to facilitate navigation. In 2021, it is evolving fast and moving into the field of web design.

AR adds virtual objects to the real setting through smart devices. These digital objects are amplified by computer-generated visual info. The technology lets augmentation be overlaid on real panorama — a dinosaur might be seen running in the woods, the cats could be playing with their cartoon counterparts, and so on.



Where Do Great Products Start? What Should You Pay Attention to? How to Avoid Mistakes? All the Details Are Given In Our Article.

MVP: Background and Concept

In 2007, at an Industrial Design Conference in San Francisco, entrepreneurs Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia discovered a problem — there aren’t enough rooms for everyone who wants to stay at the hotel.

What Did They Do?

Having bought air mattresses, they took a picture of their apartment and launched a simple website offering anyone wishing to spend the night in such conditions at an affordable price. To make the offer more interesting, they treated their guests to a free breakfast. The service was named Airbed and Breakfast.

They hit their target audience, solving 2 key pain points:

  • there are…

Case study

A customer turned to us several months ago to work on a project aiming to make up for the loss of social life in a way that’s both comfortable to the user and efficient, targeting people who experience emotional challenges and mental health problems. The story of this initiative is a vivid example of how today’s IT community can fight serious global issues.

In 2021, the pandemic is not a new influence anymore. We all know that it has been shaping the economy of nations and organizations across the globe, causing an increasing number of companies in the IT sector to go remote. For example, Facebook’s management announced at the beginning of the pandemic that they were introducing a new, long-term work-from-home policy. Although the decision did have a number of benefits such as saving the cost of physical space and equipment, staff services, and logistics, what is often omitted when discussing the new practice is how employees respond to it. A lot…

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