Case study

MindTales: How to Ensure Emotional Well-Being with Mobile Design

A customer turned to us several months ago to work on a project aiming to make up for the loss of social life in a way that’s both comfortable to the user and efficient, targeting people who experience emotional challenges and mental health problems. The story of this initiative is a vivid example of how today’s IT community can fight serious global issues.

About MindTales

MindTales is a mental well-being platform driven by artificial intelligence that offers counseling services and helps users contact mental health professionals.


We started with research, the vital step that many companies choose to skip, jumping to visual concepts straightaway. We feel that to ignore the preliminary research is a mistake, though. This stage is crucial as it enables us to identify the goals of the user as well as the company. We also have a look at what relevant competitors are doing to see what’s good and not so good about their products and how we could use their experience.


The next thing we did was interview the project’s potential audience. The customer was also consulting a mental health practitioner to collect recommendations on effective treatment of mental problems. We were to implement the techniques in a mobile product. Simple as it may sound, the task involved a number of challenges. MindTales was to offer popular emotional management methods such as Emotional Diary, Thoughts on Trial, Core Belief, Focused Breathing, Body Scan Meditation, and STOPP.

Final Stage

The mobile version of the app consisted of 200+ screens, all of which underwent complete redesign more than once.


In the end, the customer received a fully designed patient-and-therapist platform. Six months of investor search yielded $750,000 and contracts with a number of clinics and health practitioners. A closed beta of the app was released on Play Market and Apple Store.


The half-year we spent working on this product taught us that depression is very real. More importantly, the problem is clearly gaining momentum, which necessitates assistance from specialized institutions, governments, businesses, and individuals who have the potential to improve the psychological well-being of people. We, therefore, take pride in the modest yet hopefully valuable contribution that we made to everyone’s mental health and well-being.

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